Types of Diamond Cuts

Nearly all diamonds sold that are used in jewelry have specific cuts. These cuts are most popularly categorized in 10 shapes. Whenever you are buying a diamond, you’ll be asked in which shape or cut do you want it to be. In order to know what you really need, you need to have information about the ten cuts of diamonds.

Here are the 10 diamond cuts

·       Round diamonds

·       princess cut diamond

·       oval diamond

·       marquise diamond

·       pear shaped diamond

·       Cushion cut diamond

·       emerald cut diamond

·       Asscher cut diamond

·       radiant cut diamond

·       Heart shaped diamond

Between these 10, the most popular is the round diamond cut. Let’s have a detailed look at the cut.  You can learn more on this page:

The round diamond cut is the most popular and loved diamond shape that represents almost 75% of all diamonds sold in the world. Due to its shape, it looks and feels superior to other cuts. It also maximizes the reflection of light through its shape.

Round diamonds, due to their popularity and usability, are also sold on a higher price per carat than any other fancy shape of the diamond. This is usually because of two reasons. Round diamonds are very tough and the demand of it is very high. Also because more rough stone is lost in creating this shape, the yield is usually low, thus increasing the price of the diamond.

The round diamond cut became popular in the 1919 when publication of Marcel Tolkowsky’s thesis Diamond Design was released. His work described the proportions of the round diamond which ensured the cut was perfect. His cutting methods are used even today to make sure the best light return is possible from the diamond. However, the original specifications released by him have been slightly modified for modern times. Over the time this cut has been perfected and hence has become the most popular cut in the world.

This modification was only possible thanks to advancement in techniques and technology. As better equipment became available, cutting it with precision became easy. Now people are cutting with laser equipment to get the best brilliance from the diamond possible.

Keep in mind that the color that appears on the diamond after it is cut is subjective. A customer can ask the cutter to get specific color out of diamond by using a different proportionate cut.